FlareNet Student Posters Disseminate Latest Research at PTAC Forum in Banff

The FlareNet Network showcased its latest research at the sold-out 2019 PTAC Methane Reduction Forum in Banff, Alberta. The two-day forum focused on various aspects of methane reduction initiatives including developments in regulation, industry collaboration efforts and the facilitation of new detection and mitigation technologies.

Flaring is the most commonly deployed approach to reduce methane emissions from gaseous waste streams.  Published work in FlareNet has also shown that flaring and incineration is likely to increase significantly as new methane regulations are implemented.  A quantitative understanding of flare generated pollutant emissions are thus critical for informing appropriate mitigation actions and understanding implications.  This is a key goal of the FlareNet Network.

FlareNet’s HQP participated in research dissemination at the Forum by presenting 10 research posters in the Student Innovation Poster & Networking Session. FlareNet’s students answered questions from upwards of 230 government and industry participants during the networking session.  FlareNet’s HQP were awarded both second and third place for most innovative posters; Tanjil Mahbub Hossain & Diya Cui from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) were awarded second place, and Milad Zamani & Ehsan Abbasi-Atibeh from the University of Alberta were awarded third place.