FlareNet Welcomes New Board Members

The NSERC FlareNet Network is excited to welcome Kristofer Siriunas and Duncan Kenyon to its Board of Directors.  Mr. Siriunas will serve as our new FlareNet Board Chair and possesses a comprehensive knowledge of both technical and regulatory issues on flaring and air quality in the oil and gas industries. New board member Duncan Kenyon brings broad understanding of energy and environmental issues to the board, including experience working with a diverse range of government, industry, and public stakeholders.   The FlareNet Board will greatly benefit from their individual areas of expertise, and the overall added diversity and perspectives as the Network continues to advance its research mandate.

The NSERC FlareNet Network overall arching goals are to provide a quantitative understanding of flare generated pollutant emissions, new quantitative measurement techniques, and vital models to assess pollutant emissions and climate impacts. These are critical for enabling science-based regulations, accurate pollutant inventories, understandings of climate forcing and health implications, and engineered mitigation strategies to minimize environmental impacts in the energy sector.

Kristofer Siriunas:  Mr. Siriunas is a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in regulatory air quality certification, including working on a variety of air quality projects within the oil and gas industries.  Kristofer is currently the president and owner of Sirius Consulting, which provides regulatory and air quality services including flare assessments and emissions inventories.

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Duncan Kenyon: Mr. Kenyon has over 15 years of professional experience in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and community outreach.  Duncan is currently the Priority Director for Responsible Fossil Fuels at the Pembina Institute, he works extensively with government, communities, industry and small businesses on the design, implementation and evaluation of responsible fossil fuel related projects, policies and programs.

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