Research Outputs

PTAC Forum:

Advancing the Low Carbon Economy Through Innovation and R & D 

October 23, 2017, Calgary, Alberta 

HQP Abstracts & Posters   

Abbas Ahsan, University of Alberta

Hamza Ahsan, University of Alberta

Mohsen Kazemimanesh, University of Alberta

Joshua R. Armitage, Carleton University

Carol Brereton, Carleton University (Energy and Emissions Research Lab)

Nicholas T. Brooker, Carleton University

Bradley M. Conrad, Carleton University

A. Melina Jefferson, Carleton University

David R. Tyner, Carleton University

Rodrigo B. Miguel, University of Waterloo

Miayan Yeremi, The University of British Columbia

Ramin Dastanpour, The University of British Columbia


Research Seminar Videos:

Global Gas Flaring: Implications for Arctic Environments, Climate Change, and Air Quality

May 26, 2017, Ottawa, Ontario  

Overview of the FlareNet Network, by Professor Matthew Johnson


Flaring during Flowback of Hydraulically Fractured Oil and Gas Wells, by Melina Jefferson, MASC, Project Engineer for FlareNet


Field Measurements of Black Carbon from Gas Flaring, by Professor Matthew Johnson & Bradley M. Conrad, PhD Candidate


Black Carbon – Observations and Sources from Gas Flaring, Dr. Olga Popovicheva, Moscow State University

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