Meet the Team

Jasvardan Sethi

Graduated with a M.Sc in June 2019

FlareNet HQP:  September 2016 - June 2019

Thesis topic: Optical diagnostics of soot in turbulent non-premixed flames

Jasvardan Sethi graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from India before moving to Canada in 2013 and started his non thesis studies at McGill University while working on a project on absorption spectroscopy measurements of nano-Aluminium powder flames under the supervision of Professor Jeff Bergthorson at the Alternate Fuel Laboratory.  In 2015 he moved to Ottawa to work under Professor Matthew Johnson on diagnostics of soot from turbulent non-premixed flames (flares) using diagnostics techniques like LII (Laser Induced Incandescence) and ELS (Elastic Light Scattering), under the Theme 2 of the FlareNet Strategic Network. Jasvardan is passionate about optics and clean combustion.

Supervisor:  Professor Matthew Johnson at Carleton University