Congratulations to David Sawires on the successful defense of his M.Sc. thesis.

Congratulations to David Sawires (and his supervisor Professor Matthew Johnson) on his successful defence of his M.Sc. thesis (January 10th, 2017), entitled: An Optical Diagnostic for Instantaneous Measurements of Soot Volume Fraction, Primary Particle Diameter and Mean Aggregate Radius of Gyration in Large Turbulent Flames.

David Sawires, M.Sc. January 10, 2017

David’s research focused on an optical diagnostic technique to make measurements of soot properties (particle diameter, radius of gyration and soot volume fraction) inside turbulent flames. While other conventional techniques used to measure soot typically deal with the flames as black boxes, this optical method allows an examination and measurements inside the flames. The technique used in the experiment is a combination of laser induced incandescence and elastic light scattering. This valuable research contributed to the FlareNet Network as it assisted in understanding the fundamentals of soot formation inside flames.

The FlareNet Network congratulates David Sawires on his successful defense and wishes him the best in his new position as a Mechanical Engineer at OZ Optics Ld.