Congratulations to Melina Jefferson on the successful defense of her MASc. thesis

Nicknamed the “Goddess of the Flame” by a visiting Assistant Deputy Minister, Frank Des Rosiers, Natural Resources Canada, Melina is wearing a traditional Goddess Laurel Wreath.

Congratulations to Melina Jefferson (and her supervisor Professor Matthew Johnson) on her successful defense of her M.Sc. thesis (May 2nd, 2017), entitled: Exploratory Experiments to Determine Effects of Injected Aerosolized Water, Hydrochloric Acid, and Sodium Chloride Solutions on Lab-Scale Flare Emissions.  Melina’s research focused on hydraulic fracturing, as there is anecdotal evidence that when flowback fluids are brought back to the surface in a well-completion the gas and liquids are not fully separated.  Since these gases typically are sent to a flare, Melina research explored what effect these liquids would have on flare behavior and emissions.  Melina’s valuable research contributed to the FlareNet’s (Theme 1) research area focusing on flowback fluids.

The FlareNet Network congratulates Melina Jefferson on her successful defense.