FlareNet Panel Discussion: What it All Means – Flaring Research and Its Implications for Cleaner Fossil Fuels

FlareNet Panel Discussion

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

5:00pm – 6:30pm

The Banff Centre, Kinnear Centre

Banff, Alberta

Background: Despite the magnitudes of gas flaring globally, data and models to accurately predict their emissions are critically lacking. Backed by a strong array of government and industry partners, FlareNet’s over-arching objective is quantitative understanding of flare generated pollutant emissions critical to enabling science-based regulations, accurate pollutant inventories, understanding of climate forcing and health implications, and engineering design and assessment of mitigation strategies to minimize environmental impacts in the energy sector.

Panel Chair:

Larry Kostiuk, Mechanical Engineering Associate Director and Professor, University of Alberta

Panelists: FlareNet Board of Directors 

• Mark K. Anderson, Manager, Environmental Advisors, Upstream Environmental Operations – Air Team, Husky Energy

Matthew Johnson, Professor and Director of the FlareNet Network and the Energy and Emissions Research Lab, Carleton University

• Jason Olfert, Mechanical Engineering Professor and Theme Two Lead (Flowback Flaring), University of Alberta

Refreshments will be provided