Meet the Team

Hamed Nikookar

Ph.D. Candidate

Hamed Nikookar completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at Shiraz University, Iran. Throughout his M.Sc. studies, he developed an innovative computational framework for realistic modelling of magnetic drug targeting (MDT) in the human respiratory tract. In this research, he carried out numerical simulations to study the delivery of drug particles having magnetic properties to specific target sites in human airway using the magnetophoretic force caused by a background magnetic field. The findings provided a more in-depth understanding of magnetic drug particles behaviours in the airway in the presence of magnetic field and can assist specialists in selecting the best scenario for treatment of patients with respiratory diseases and disorders.

Hamed will research the application of aerosols on human health and their climate forcing impacts during his Ph.D. studies in Mechanical Engineering at UBC.  In particular, his work will focus on the scattering properties of soot emissions caused by incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon fuels and his work will build on earlier studies that examined the uncertainty of light absorbed per mass of soot.  Hamed aims to assess and reduce these uncertainties under Theme 4 and thus providing more accurate estimations of impacts of the particles on global warming and also on air pollution in cities that affect human health.

Supervisor: Professor Steven Rogak, UBC

Research interests: Aerosols, Particulate flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence, Biomechanics

Thesis Topic: Effect of morphology on the optical properties of flare-generated particles